Cecilia FannerMy name is Cecilia Fanner.

I lived in the Bahamas for a while due to our consulting business.

When I first moved to the Bahamas, I soon realised I was getting bored with not having much to do outside of the business. I therefore began to start looking for work.

Due to Bahamas strict work permit regulations, I was very restricted as to what I could actually do.

My turning point was in December 2012, when my husband had to have an emergency quadruple heart bypass.

He works so damn hard.

I wanted to find a way for us to be able to slow down the pace of life we lived in and to be able to spend more time with one another before it was too late.

I started my search on the internet and was finding endless potential.

That was when I discovered online marketing.

Online marketing has given me a freedom that I didn’t have back in my days of corporate jargon.

I am now able to work anywhere in the world.

However, when I first decided to venture into internet marketing, I had nothing in my favour.

• No knowledge of the industry.
• No experience.
• Literally, no technical ability.

I was determined and so, began my journey of discovery.

I invested many hours and dollars in learning the skills and tactics on how to start, build and grow an online business.

After many struggles on my own, I finally decided to invest in a mentor.

This was the turning point.

With his knowledge and experience guiding me, I was finally doing the right things and avoiding the wrong!

I am now offering to you the chance to learn the same things I was taught for free.

All you have to do is subscribe to my newsletter and you will receive regular updates on what’s working in my business today!

See you on the other side…