AKG Lyra USB Mic Review & Test – A New Gen Podcasting & Streaming Mic!

The AKG Lyra by Harman is a new microphone on the scene that podcasters and streamers should definitely pay attention to. In this video, we go hands on with it with some tests, both on the computer, and on the iPad, and you'll get a sense of how it sounds, especially compared to the lapel microphone I use to record this video for contrast.

The AKG Lyra is available on Amazon here: (affiliate link)

To go right to the sound tests, check out the timestamps below:

0:00 – Introduction
2:35 – Lyra AKG Unboxing
9:24 – Computer Test
12:10 – iPad Test
13:37 – Overall Impressions

Thanks so much, and happy podcasting and streaming!



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22 thoughts on “AKG Lyra USB Mic Review & Test – A New Gen Podcasting & Streaming Mic!”

  1. John Pullum

    The settings on one side and the lights on the other seems like a major design flaw. Kind of weird.

  2. LOL! I think you are a bit like me too Pat – I like cool looking as well as Great Performing Gear! πŸ™‚ Thanks for sharing!

  3. Solar Gravity

    Pat this review was honest and heartfelt as always. The AKG Lyra’s tone is really impressive, as it has a nice balance of bass and high end. Sounds perfect for podcasting or YouTube. As you said, all mics should be on an isolated boom arm not connected to the desk. Those vibrations from little shuffling or typing/clicking are the death of most YT videos. You always do it the right way for your broadcasts. My professional insight is that the majority of viewers can’t distinguish 1080 HD from 4K HD resolution but most viewers/listeners can instantly hear when audio is not being captured correctly. I tell my clients that if you want to have sharper-looking videos focus on the quality of your audio production. πŸ˜‰ Keep these videos coming.

  4. Like the look of it… but not crazy about the inputs on the bottom… but I’m such a tech geek… I can see me getting one…. to match my AKG headphones [which I love!]

  5. Thank you, Pat! I just love your comprehensive test where you look at every single minor detail! The microphone seems to work great, however, placing the controls on both sides while the four lights are on one side doesn’t make much sense to me. They should have just put the controls all on the same side. You’re turning the knob on the opposite side which controls the indicator lights. I think they were going more for a particular “look” of the mic which forced them to sacrifice some of the efficiency and functionality. The price of the mic seems reasonable. Thanks again for the review!

  6. oooh i love your unboxing!
    I personally LOVE my AKG Lyra mic — and hearing you use it makes me love the sound from this even more!
    never even thought about using it with my iPad – so thanks for that idea!!!

    My only “problem” I need to find a solution for — is finding the perfect arm to use for this mic — b/c i noticed my last video I used this mic for recording my Zoom training caught all my hand-thumbing on my desk as I filmed. So now i’d like to convert it into a boom mic, instead of using it on my desk like I’ve been.

  7. Constant Ringing Tech

    ty for the review… but i hate asmr… please don’t do that again… i had headphones on. πŸ™‚

  8. It seems like a solid alternative to the prime competitor, the Blue Yeti. With a bit of EQ’ing I think most people would be well served with this microphone.

  9. Susan Knappe

    Thanks so much for the review Pat! I can’t wait until I get mine now even more then I was before. ❀️ #BRUH.

  10. Aaron Waller

    I’m really surprised by the quality of this mic. Really surprised me when you switched a few times

  11. Pat: here are all my mics. What a list!

    Me: but you’re wearing lapel mic you never mention.

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